Terraform for_each over list of objects


We have a list of objects defined in vars.tf:

variable "sendgrid_dns_records" {
  type = list(object({
    type  = string
    name  = string
    value = string
  description = "DNS Records for sendgrid.com"

variable "cloudflare_zone_id" {
  type        = string
  description = "cloudflare zone id"

And have recorded their values in xyz.tfvars:

sendgrid_dns_records = [
    {"name": "url3415.netletic.xyz", "value": "sendgrid.net", "type": "CNAME"},
    {"name": "29342668.netletic.xyz", "value": "sendgrid.net", "type": "CNAME"},
    {"name": "em9437.netletic.xyz", "value": "u29342668.wl169.sendgrid.net", "type": "CNAME"},
    {"name": "s1._domainkey.netletic.xyz", "value": "s1.domainkey.u29342668.wl169.sendgrid.net", "type": "CNAME"},
    {"name": "s2._domainkey.netletic.xyz", "value": "s2.domainkey.u29342668.wl169.sendgrid.net", "type": "CNAME"},

Now we want to create DNS records for each of these in Cloudflare:

resource "cloudflare_record" "this" {
  for_each = {
    for index, dns_record in var.sendgrid_dns_records:
      dns_record.name => dns_record

  zone_id  = var.cloudflare_zone_id
  name     = each.value.name
  value    = each.value.value
  type     = each.value.type
  ttl      = 300

This works because we use for_each to create a new dictionary (map), where the key=dns_record.name, and the value=the entire object. Something like:

{'29342668.netletic.xyz': {'name': '29342668.netletic.xyz',
                           'type': 'CNAME',
                           'value': 'sendgrid.net'},
 'url3415.netletic.xyz': {'name': 'url3415.netletic.xyz',
                          'type': 'CNAME',
                          'value': 'sendgrid.net'}

So when we use for_each. We can refer to each.name, each.type, and each.value for each iteration. We don't care about each.key as it's the same as each.value.name.

See StackOverflow for more info

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